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    CME-RES-GC - About

    Presentation of organized electricity term markets


    Mechanism Presentation ( Description)

    Sequence of events on Centralized market for electricity from renewable energy sources supported by green certificates - CME-RES- GC

    Sending the initiating offer:

    Sending the co-initiating offer:

    Sending the response offer:

    Sending price adjustment for initiating/co-initiating published offers:

    Opening of the auction session D: at the date and time set by OPECV and published in the auction announcement;
    Publishing the results on OPCOM SA website: not later than 1 (one) working day after the end of the auction session (D+1);
    Sending the trading confirmations: not later than 1 (one) working day after the end of the auction session (D+1);

    Sending the bilateral contract of selling-buying electricity;

    First delivery day: no earlier than the 6th calendar day after 5 working days (D+6);

    Sending the invoice of the transaction tariff: within 3 working days at the beginning of the month that follows the month that transactions were concluded;

    Payment of the transaction tariff: according to the Procedure regarding the modalities and terms of payment of the regulated tariff applied by the electricity market operator.

    Sending to OPECV at e-mail address pcbcv@opcom.ro, at the date the buyer issues the bills, the information regarding the GC that follows to be traded through the contract concluded on CME-RES-GC, also the number of GC traded and their numeric codes for the purpose of blocking the GC in GCR.

    OPECV verifies in GCR that the notified GC are in the sellers account and blocks them in their accounts.

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